Basic Guide to Packing a Parcel for Shipping

When sending a parcel or a large package over mail, there is always a sense of worry if it will reach its destination safely. While companies do their best to see that the parcels are delivered in excellent condition, as a sender you can help with that a well by packing the mail securely and in the correct way.

The first thing that one needs to recognize is that depending on what you are sending, different packaging will work differently. Think about the weight, the cost, the regulations for the particular object, and about the fragility of what you are sending. Assessing these critical aspects of the goods will give the most vital starting point for packaging the products in the most secure way possible.

While some shipping companies provide a range of materials to use, clients can use their own materials they have around the house or choose the purchase them from another store. In that case, one should know what to look for as the quality of the packaging materials will influence the safety of the goods significantly.

Regarding shipping boxes, it is best to use corrugated cardboard boxes that are rigid and of high quality. If the goods you are sending are fragile or heavy, opt for double-wall shipping box or even a tri-wall for best protection. Whatever you choose to use, avoid reusing old shipping boxes as their rigidity and security might have been compromised. You can find out about the box by looking for the manufacturer stamp. It will tell you about its construction type and strength. Remeber to choose the right size because overfilled boxes can burst and underfilled ones can collapse.

When you are packing your goods, place them in the middle of the box and leave 6 cm of distance between the item and the external walls. If you are shipping several small objects, consider using corrugated cardboard dividers to keep them stable.

Do not leave too much empty space in your box. It is advisable to place some type of a soft material in the empty spaces such as tissue for example.

The adhesive you use is also important, and it should be strong and seal the box efficiently. There is pressure sensitive tapes such as duct tape, electrical tape or vinyl adhesive tape, and brown plastic tape or polypropylene tape. In any case, do not use raft paper tape, string, or cellophane tape as they are not sturdy and reliable enough for heavy or fragile shipments. It is best to use the H-taping method, sealing along the center seam and across both of the edge seams.

Once the goods are safely packed in the box, place the shipment label. It is an important step, and it needs to be displayed clearly. Shipping companies use it to move the parcel through their networks and to its destination. Shipping companies assume place the boxes so that the shipping label is facing the top, so consider that.

When you are packing a parcel consider what type of goods you are sending. Depending on the nature of the items, packing them should be different. Most companies provide guides n their website on how to pack different types of goods such as electronics, fashion, products that are sensitive to temperature, bulky items, and fragile items, among others.


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